If I draw less, I shall read more; if I give up music, I shall take to carpet-work.

Of course you will read more!  That’s what we do.  But sometimes it’s fun to gather with other AGM attendees to learn a new skill.  Make something pretty to wear to the ball, or create gifts for friends at home.  Here are three craft workshops sure to pique your interest—and don’t forget to plan for a dance workshop or two.

An Elegant Appearance at the Ball: No-Sew Turbans and Bandeaux
Thursday, October 20, 11:00 am-12:30 pm;
Saturday, October 21, 3:00-4:30 pm
$35 per session

Washington style-setter Dolley Madison would tell you that no elegant toilette is complete without fashionable headgear.  Following an overview of fashions and demonstration of techniques, Lisa Brown will show you how to make a bandeau or turban to wear to the ball or to any other important event.   She will demonstrate and teach different methods of tying turbans and bandeaux from commercially made scarves, shawls, and wraps.  Materials and supplies (scarves, an ostrich feather, and hatpins) and an instructional handout are included.

A Very Pretty Workbag
Thursday, October 20, 8-9:30 am;
Thursday, October 20, 9:30-11:00 am
$25 per session

A workbag is just the thing for carrying your needlework or your carpet-work to the drawing room.  Or, make a shoe-bag for transporting your dancing slippers to the ball!  Costume expert and seamstress extraordinaire Ann Wass will provide a variety of pre-cut fabric pieces, ribbon drawstring, and tassel trim for your selection, and show you how to construct a simple work-bag.  As all sewing will be done by hand, basic hand-sewing knowledge is required.  Ann will also bring scissors, needles, thread, and fray preventive to share—or you can pack your own pincushion or hussif.  Please note: Unless you sew very quickly indeed, you may not finish during the class, but Ann will make sure you have all the knowledge you need to complete the project on your own.

Elegant Cards for Every Occasion
Thursday, October 20, 5:00-6:30 pm;
Friday, October 21, 8:30-10 am
$25 per session

Beautiful stationery is a joy to have and to give.  Create a lovely three-piece set of greeting cards featuring stamps from the Jane Austen Collection by Oxford Impressions.  You may enhance your cards with hidden pockets, ribbons, and floral embellishments.  A bag to house the cards completes the set.  Mindi Webster has planned some Emma-centric designs that even that fastidious lady would approve.  All materials and instruction will be provided; participants can use stamps provided or may opt to purchase their own sets.

Dance Workshops
Thursday 9:00-10:30 am, 10:45-12:15 pm, 1:45-3:15 pm, 5:00-6:30 pm
Friday, October 21, 10:30-12 pm
$20 per session

A beautiful shoe-bag and an exciting turban will only get you so far at the ball.  Can you dance?  What will you say when Mr. Knightley asks for your hand?  Be prepared by taking one or more dance workshops, led by the kind and experienced Susan Taylor.  Susan has extensive experience teaching and calling English country dances, and has led many events throughout the United States.  Both beginners and experienced dancers can expect mildness and good principles from “poor Miss Taylor.”  Live music for the workshops will be provided by members of Elegant Echoes, who will also play for the ball.