Persuasions #15, 1993                                                                                                                                                                          Page 264

The Quiz on Persuasion at Lake Louise

Compiled by Bruce Stovel

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1.  Captain Wentworth is a fine dashing fellow, at least according to _______________________.

2.  What are Mrs. Clay's "personal misfortunes"?     

3.   Who is said to be "just Lady Russell's sort"?

4.   Name two men and three women who may said to be betrayed in love.        

5.   Which characters visit Lyme in the novel? 

6.   Who are in the room when Wentworth writes his letter of proposal?    

7.   What barrier separates Anne and Wentworth at Uppercross?

8.   What colour is found in the livery of the Elliots of Kellynch? 

9.   How old is:

    (a) Anne Elliot?
    (b) Captain Wentworth?
    (c) Sir Walter Elliot?
    (d) William Walter Elliot?
    (e) Louisa Musgrove?
    (f) little Charles Musgrove?
    (g) Mrs. Smith?
    (h) Mrs. Croft?

10.  How far is it:

    (a) from Uppercross to Kellynch?
    (b) from Uppercross Great House to Uppercross Cottage?
    (c) from Uppercross to Winthrop?
    (d) from Uppercross to Lyme?
    (e) from Kellynch to Bath?
    (f) from Bath to Thornberry-Park?

11.  What kind of carriage is used by:

    (a) Charles and Mary Musgrove?
    (b) Lady Dalrymple and Miss Carteret?
    (c) Admiral and Mrs. Croft?
    (d) Captain Wentworth and Anne?
    (e) William Walter Elliot

12.  What part of the anatomy is wounded in the case of:

    (a) Captain Harville?
    (b) little Charles Musgrove?
    (c) Mrs Smith?
    (d) Louisa Musgrove?
    (e) Captain Benwick?

13.  Name two islands that are not considered to be in the West Indies.

14.  Who is wearing black ribbons, and for what reason?

15.  What changes Charles Musgrove's opinion of Captain Benwick?

16.  Who is closeted with her mantua-maker, and when?

17.  What task is so painful that being strung up on the yard-arm is preferable?

18.  When was it "a very great object" with Wentworth to be at sea, and why?

19.  What has every poet worthy of being read described?

20.  Who is the author of the poem whose title is hard to pronouce?

21.  Why is Bath liked or disliked by:

    (a) Anne Elliot?
    (b) Lady Russell?
    (c) Sir Walter Elliot?
    (d) William Walter Elliot?
    (e) Admiral Croft?
    (f) Mrs. Smith?
    (g) Charles Musgrove?

22. Who are:

    (a) Fanny?
    (b) Shirley?
    (c) Jemima?
    (d) Robinson?
    (e) Stephen?
    (f) Sir Henry?
    (g) the Durands?
    (h) Miss Larolles?

(Click here to see answers to the quiz (not in the original publication of Persuasions Number 15))

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