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JASNA members receive the society’s newsletter, JASNA News, three times a year. Each issue offers book reviews, features, news, and photos from the regions, and articles about the Annual General Meeting. Reports from Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton, England, and from Austen’s birthplace, Steventon, are also regular features.

Please observe the following schedule when submitting regional news and other articles for the newsletter. Electronic submissions are preferred.

Send submissions and other correspondence concerning JASNA News to the Editor, Sheryl Craig, scraig@ucmo.edu and to Production Manager, Kathleen Burke, burkeline@comcast.net.

All JASNA News ad spaces for this year’s issues have been filled.  No ad reservation requests will be accepted for future issues until after the Summer issue has gone to the printer.  Watch here and in the Summer issue of JASNA News for the date when ad requests will again be accepted.

JASNA News includes reviews of books about Jane Austen, her works, and her era. Publishers and authors who wish to submit a book for review are requested to contact the Book Review Editor, Sue Parrill, sparrill@bellsouth.net, and provide a copy of each book.