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Things That Might Be Kept in a Reticule

JASNA member Candice Hern is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of historical romance novels set during the English Regency. Her award-winning website is often cited for its extensive Regency World pages.

Part 1: Calendars and Almanacs

After a short introduction on the evolution of the reticule, Candice Hern discusses items made of paper that might have been kept in a reticule, showing us examples of pocket calendars (Regency-era day-timers) and miniature almanacs from her collection.

Copyright Candice Hern

Part 2: Scents and Cosmetics

Scent bottles and portable cosmetic cases were items that could be taken from a lady's dressing table and tossed in her reticule.

Copyright Candice Hern

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Part 3: Coin Purses, Fans, and Vinaigrettes

Three items essential to every lady's reticule are featured in this video: vinaigrettes, coin purses, and fans. Learn how Regency fashion dictated the size of these items.


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