JASNA Regional Events

...I would not have missed this meeting for the world

JASNA Regions host creative special events that all members of the Society are invited to attend. In many cases, nonmembers who would like to know more about JASNA are also welcome.

Regional Coordinators: To promote an upcoming special event or share the success of a recent event, contact JASNA Vice President-Regions, Liz Philosophos Cooper, liz.p.cooper@gmail.com.

Upcoming Events

12/6 Maryland Region: Birthday Lunch: “The Adaptable Austen”
12/6 New Mexico Region: Birthday Lunch
12/6 Greater Chicago Region: Birthday Tea: “Favourable to Tenderness and Sentiment: The Many Meanings of Mary Crawford’s Harp”
12/6 Idaho Region: Birthday Tea: “Did Jane Austen Prefer A Plain Dish To A Ragout?”
12/6 North Texas Region: “Austen-itis: Sickness and Health in the Novels of Jane Austen”
12/13 Wisconsin Region: Jane Austen Birthday Lunch
12/14 Greater Louisville Region: Birthday Tea: The Gardens of Mansfield Park
12/14 Oklahoma Region: Jane Austen’s Christmas Cracker
2/8 North Texas Region: “Shy, Social or Straight-Laced”
3/20-21 Pittsburgh Region: “On the Road with Jane Austen: Travel, Translation and Transformation”
4/26 North Texas Region: “Spring Tea: Dressing Mr. Darcy”
5/3 North Texas Region: Theater Day: Sense and Sensibility at the Dallas Theater Center
6/20 North Texas Region: June with Jane Austen
6/20 North Texas Region: Netherfield Ball

Recent Events

3/15-3/16 Arizona, Greater Phoenix Region: A Weekend with Jane Austen