Louisville Food Scene

New Southern Cuisine.  It’s one of the most popular food movements in the country right now.  Has been for years actually.  It’s about taking traditional, regional Southern dishes and putting your own unique twist on them.  One of the cities currently making the most noise in the movement is Louisville.  We’re teaching it in our culinary schools.  We’re pushing it to new extremes in our restaurants.  Adding Korean, Vietnamese, French and Italian influences to it.  Our chefs are experimenting with it on television, writing books filled with savory new creations, and introducing it boldly to new places around the world.

No, Louisville did not invent New Southern Cuisine.  We’ve tweaked it.  Fried it.  Poached it.  And, most importantly, added Bourbon.

So, welcome to an entirely new, New Southern Cuisine experience.  Welcome to a region that produces more than 95% of our country’s Bourbon.  Welcome to a city with more than 2,500 restaurants.  Welcome to a city with numerous James Beard nominated chefs and restaurants.  Welcome to the Urban Bourbon Trail.  Welcome to Farm to Table, not as something new, but as the way it’s always been.  Welcome to one of the forefronts of the Southern “Lardcore” movement.  We welcome you to Louisville—the Culinary Capitol of Bourbon Country.

Bon Appetit Magazine has called Louisville “One of the best foodie small towns in America.”  Zagat says, “Louisville is one of the 7 up and coming foodie towns in America.”  According to Southern Living, Louisville is, “One of the top 10 tastiest towns.” And Food & Wine Magazine calls Louisville’s East Market Street “One of the 10 Best Foodie Streets in America.”

A culinary adventure in Louisville takes you deep into the heart of the Bourbon Country lifestyle.  Naturally, that means you can expect our chefs to be absolutely fearless when it comes to adding Bourbon into their recipes.  And don’t be surprised when you ask a Louisville chef what to pair with a certain dish, if the answer comes back, “Happy Hour.”

So think James Beard inviting Jim Beam over for dinner.  Think about a place where the most spectacular Bourbon creations may actually come from the chefs.  Think about all the welcoming tables waiting for you when you make a reservation for Louisville as the destination of your next big culinary adventure.

After all, when you put so many award-winning chefs and restaurants so close to so many award-winning distilleries, something tasty is bound to happen.  Every.  Weekend.

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