Welcome to Baltimore!

Austen at 250: "No check to my Genius from beginning to end"

2025 will be a milestone year as we celebrate the 250th anniversary of Jane Austen’s birth, with Baltimore welcoming JASNA back for its first AGM since 1980. We are planning a diverse and unique celebration of her life and literary genius, as well as an opportunity for attendees to connect with the rich history of Maryland and “Charm City.” Attendees must find themselves agreeing that “a very strange [Janeite] it must be, who does not see charms in the immediate environs of [Baltimore], to make him wish to know it better.”

Austen at 250 will be the culminating event focusing on Jane Austen and her work, which she once characterized as “little bit (two inches) of Ivory” but that has endured for centuries. Baltimore will be a salute to her legacy, timelessness, relevance, and enduring genius through an exploration of:

Join your fellow Janeites friends at this once-in-a-lifetime celebration!

Jennifer Jones
Coordinator, 2025 AGM