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Additional Companion and Ticketed Event Capacity

June 21, 2022

Additional Companion and Ticketed Event Capacity

Dear AGM Registrants:

It's clear from the results of Wednesday's registration opening that we are all ready to get out and have a good time. Over the weekend we've analyzed the waitlists and will be adding space to many tours and activities, as well as more Companion spaces. If you're on a waitlist, please watch your email for a system-generated message notifying you that a space is available and act on it promptly, as each person gets 48 hours to accept the offer before the opportunity passes to the next person on the list.  

More spaces will be made available today in the following:

  • Thursday Chocolate and Churches Walking Tour
  • Thursday Victoria Food and City Walking Tour
  • Beading with Jane Austen Workshop: extra spaces have been added to each workshop
  • Sunday Craigdarroch Castle Tour and Reception (note that tour time may start earlier to accommodate staggering of group times; reception will start at the same time for everyone)
  • Sunday Reception without Tour
  • Bookbinding Workshop: a new session has been added on Thursday at 1:00 to 2:30; people waitlisted for the existing sessions will receive a special email

Space will be added to the Butchart Gardens Tours and to some of the other workshops, but arrangements are still being worked out. Please note that the Fashion History talk with the wonderful Ivan Sayers is now open to Companions as well as Attendees.  

If you are waitlisted for a tour or activity that isn't listed here, don't lose hope. Those waitlists are short, and as there is always considerable turnover over the course of the summer, so you have a good chance of getting in eventually for those.

Attendee registration spaces are still available, and enough Companion spaces have been added to take care of the waitlist and then some, so if you have friends who are thinking about attending the AGM, it's possible. We will be looking at hotel room block status soon; the JASNA block at the Fairmont Empress is sold out at the moment, but rooms remain at the other two hotels.