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Contact JASNA

Thank you for your interest in JASNA.  Please use the contact information below to get in touch with us on a variety of topics.


US/International Membership Secretary   
Carol Medine Moss, membership@jasna.org

Canadian Membership Secretary
Phyllis Ferguson, pmfb.jasna@gmail.com

Member Portal Assistance


Amanda Halla, JASNAombudsperson@gmail.com 


Persuasions Editor
Susan Allen Ford, sford@retiree.deltastate.edu

Persuasions Sales and Subscriptions
Aryssa Damron, JASNApubsecretary@gmail.com

JASNA News Editor
Susan Wampler, jasnanews@gmail.com

Book Review Editor
Betsy Groban, betsy.groban@gmail.com


JASNA Treasurer
Vicki Petersen, jasna.treasurer@gmail.com

Financial Director 
Laurie Morison, jasna.treasurer@gmail.com

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

Committee Chair
Renata Dennis, jedi@jasna.org

Essay Contest

Essay Contest Chair
Meg Levin, essay-contest@jasna.org

International Visitor Program

International Visitor Program Chair
Carol Chernega, chawtonivp@jasna.org


Adam Keuer, webmaster@jasna.org

Other Topics

Email info@jasna.org or call 206-739-6225.

Please include "JASNA" and the topic in your email message subject line.

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