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San Diego Region: A Moral Mashup at Mansfield Park

Feb 25

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

A Moral Mashup at Mansfield Park

Join the San Diego Region for a screening of Mansfield Park and discussion of "A Moral Mashup at Mansfield Park," at the home of a region member. We'll cover such things asThe Notorious Mrs. Norris, The Trouble With Mary Crawford, Back to the Future With Tom Bertram, A Price Family Christmas, A Sing-Along With Pug, The Bertram Sisters' Guide to Love and Happiness, and more! 

Mansfield Park adaptations v2

We’ll discuss the story of Fanny, sent to live with wealthy cousins and nasty Mrs. Norris. She meets the cunning Crawfords, who introduce her to a world of shameless flirtation and decadence. Scandalous antics escalate during her uncle’s absence to visit his holdings in Antigua. Will Fanny keep her moral compass and uncover the truth about the origin of her family’s wealth? Will she confront the hidden evil? After she’s thrown off the island, will she return? Will she find true love?

We’ll also discuss what Austen might really be up to under the surface. We’ll delve into the mystery of why she makes us put up with Fanny Price for so many pages. After all, she told us upfront no one would like Emma, then gave us endlessly dull Fanny without a hint of warning. Something's up, and Austen has her reasons. Join us for the conversation!