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San Diego Region: Collins Hemingway Lecture (VIRTUAL)

Apr 20

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Collins Hemingway Lecture

Join the San Diego Region for a talk by Collins Hemingway about a chapter in his forthcoming book, Jane Austen’s Development as a Writer: What IMG 0318She Learned with Each Novel. The chapter that he will be discussing is “Mansfield Park: Why Austen’s Most Important Novel Is the Least Appreciated.”

This talk will cover how Austen sets out in Mansfield Park to write her most sophisticated novel. Through his presentation, Hemingway will describe her technical achievement in structure and the positive effect it has on character development, and will describe the way her technical advances in scene development contribute to more complex individuals. The presentation also lays out the novel's audacious step forward in point of view. Demonstrating how complicated antagonists help create a complicated protagonist, the lecture will conclude with Austen’s exploration of Fanny’s deep inner life. Hemingway will also examine reasons why many readers do not respond to MP with the enthusiasm they do for Austen's other works.

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