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AGM Publications

Special publications are occasionally prepared for JASNA’s Annual General Meetings. We are pleased to make those works available to a worldwide readership.


Conference Publications

A Commonplace Book for Fanny Price

Elaine Bander, edited by Susan Allen Ford
2014 AGM, Montréal

The Beautifull Cassandra: The Pictures, The Music, The Dance”

Illustrations by Juliet McMaster, music by Joanne Forman, choreography by Amber Vasquez
2008 AGM, Chicago

“Imaginary Letters” 

JASNA members imagine letters written by Austen characters and by Jane Austen.
2005 AGM, Milwaukee

In Defense of Mrs. Elton

Diana Birchall, with illustrations by Juliet McMaster
1999 AGM, Colorado Springs

His Cunning or Hers

June Menzies, with illustrations by Juliet McMaster
1993 AGM, Lake Louise


“For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn?”

Pride and Prejudice