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Jane Austen Bibliography, 2022

A FEW WORDS ON FORMAT: the Bibliography has five sections:


1. Austen Editions: original works, under Austen if no extensive annotation or editing is involved; otherwise, under the editor’s name

2. Austen Family and Circle: original works/editions by and about Austen family members and friends

3. Austen Scholarship: biographical, critical, and interpretive works

4. Selected Dissertations: a select, rather than exhaustive, list of works specifically on Austen

5. Popular Culture: sequels, continuations, mash-ups, films, merchandise, etc.

Explanatory notes are at the end of the document.

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1. Austen Editions

Single Works

  • Austen, Jane. Emma. Groningen: Noordhoff, 2022.
  • _____. Emma. Ed. John Mullan. Oxford: OUP, 2022. Oxford World’s Classics.
  • _____. Emma. Ed. Stephanie Insley Hershanow. New York: Norton, 2022. Norton Library Edition.
  • _____. The History of England: By a Partial, Prejudiced and Ignorant Historian. Introd. by G. K. Chesterton. London: Renard, 2022.
  • _____. Lady Susan. London: Penguin Classics, 2022. Little Clothbound Classics.
  • _____. Northanger Abbey. Paris: Harrap’s, 2022. Harrap’s Yes You Can! series for French readers.
  • _____. Persuasion. Leicester: Mint, 2022. Large Print Edition.
  • _____. Persuasion. London: Collins, 2022. Collins Classics Paperback Edition.
  • _____. Persuasion. Nashville: Harper Muse, 2022. Pretty Books Painted Editions.
  • _____. Persuasion. New York: Chartwell, 2022. Chartwell Classics.
  • _____. Persuasion. Paris: Harrap’s, 2022. Harrap’s Yes You Can! series for French readers.
  • _____. Persuasion: The Complete Novel, Featuring the Characters’ Letters and Papers, Written and Folded by Hand. Curated by Barbara Heller. San Francisco: Chronicle, 2022.
  • _____. Pride and Prejudice. New York: Sterling, 2022. Signature Classics.
  • _____. Pride and Prejudice. Stanstead, UK: Wordsworth, 2022. Wordsworth Luxe Edition.
  • _____. Pride and Prejudice. Ed. Giovanni Picci et al. Paris: Belin éducation, 2022. Not So Classic series for French readers.
  • _____. Pride and Prejudice. Ed. Jenny Davidson. New York: Norton, 2022. Norton Library Edition.
  • _____. Pride and Prejudice. Illus. by Bill Donovan. New York: Union Square, 2022. Deluxe Edition.
  • _____. Sense and Sensibility. New York: Union Square, 2022. Signature Classics.
  • _____. Sir Charles Grandison. Ed. Lesley Peterson, Sylvia Hunt, et al. Sydney: Juvenilia Press, 2022.

Collected Works

  • _____. Love and Freindship and Other Early Works: A Collection of Juvenile Writings. London: OH Editions, 2022.
  • _____. Pride and Prejudice/Lady Susan. New York: G&D Media, 2022. Deluxe Edition.

break graphic2. Austen Family and Circle

  • Adkins, Roy, and Lesley Adkins. “The Lefroys in Leghorn.” JAS Report (2022): 56-60. Account of the life and death of Anthony LeFroy in Livorno, Italy. LeFroy was the grandfather of the legendary Tom LeFroy in Austen’s life.
  • Avery Jones, John. “Evidence of Payments of Legacy Duty on Jane Austen’s Estate.” JAS Report (2022): 117-18. Correction and additions to the 2019 article in JAS Report on death duties.
  • _____. “Henry Austen’s Tax Debt as Receiver-General of Taxes for Oxfordshire.” Persuasions On-Line 43.1 (2022).
  • Avery Jones, John, Devoney Looser, and Peter Sabor. “Cassandra Austen’s Last Years and Wishes, with New Documents and Transcriptions.” JAS Report (2022): 33-55. Although few letters of Cassandra Austen survive, new documents including a will and codicil were recently found, which shed more light on her life.
  • Ballard, Mark. “The Austens’ Residences in Sevenoaks; Part I: A Forgotten Austen Property: The Old House, 18 High Street.” JAS Report (2022): 104-12. The story of Sevenoaks, the property of Austen’s paternal family and her second cousin, John Austen VII.
  • Barlow, Angela. “Eleanor Jackson, the Second Mrs Henry Austen.” Sensibilities 64 (2022): 35-59. (First published in the JAS Report 2018.)
  • Emo, Stephanie. “Mrs M. Purvis—‘The Memorial Trust’s Greatest Benefactress.’” JAS Report (2022): 113-16. The 1950’s correspondence between Mrs. M. Purvis and Mr. T. Edward Carpenter reveals how the wife of an Austen descendent assisted the museum.
  • Friday, Penelope. “George Austen the Mystery.” JARW 119 (2022): 26-31. The mystery of Austen’s brother George.
  • Harris, Jocelyn. “The Lost Miniature of Captain Francis Austen (1806).” JAS Report (2022): 89-103. The history and mystery of a portrait of Francis Austen.
  • _____. “Wentworth and Croft.” JARW 117 (2022): 38-41. Possible links between the Austen family ancestors and Persuasion. (A condensation of “Captain Wentworth and the Duke of Monmouth: Brilliant, Dangerous, and Headstrong” that appeared in Persuasions On-Line 39.1.)
  • Hemingway, Collins. “Electricity on Tuesday.” JARW 119 (2022): 20-25. Austen letters remark on her brother Edward’s electrical treatments in Bath.
  • Hurst, Jane. “Edward Knight II—‘The Fine Old English Gentleman.’” JAS Report (2022): 69-72. Edward Knight II as principal founder and President of NE Hants. Agricultural Association.
  • Merriman, Jan.  “Discovering Philadelphia’s Story.” JASA Sensibilities 63 (2021): 17-36. Life and times of Philadelphia Hancock.
  • Oswald, Ros. “A Reputation Chard.” JARW 115 (2022): 38-44. The reputation of Dr. George Chard, Austen’s music teacher, saved by one of her letters.
  • Riordan, Michael. “The Austens at St. John’s, Oxford.” JAS Report (2022): 30-32. The importance of the educations of Austen’s father George and brothers James and Henry at St. John’s College. (First appeared on the University of Oxford’s website: www.sjc.ox.ac.uk/discover/news/the-austens-at-st-johns.)
  • Stove, Judy.  “Hampshire Evangelical:  Slavery, Surinam and C. E. LeFroy’s Outalissi.” JASA Sensibilities 63 (2021): 62-73. Analysis of the anti-slavery novel by Austen family friend Christopher Edward LeFroy.  (First published in Persuasions On-Line 41.2.)

break graphic3. Austen Scholarship 

  • Ailwood, Sarah. “Austen, Masculinity, and Romanticism.” Wilson and Frawley 318-32.
  • Anderson, Kathleen. “Jane Austen Likes Women: Self-Worth, Self-Care, and Heroic Self-Sacrifice.” Wilson and Frawley 333-41.
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  • Barlow, Angela.  “The Comedians:  Jane Austen’s ‘Good Actors’ Liston, Dowton, Emery and Matthews.”  JAS Report (2022): 73-88.  Austen praised comedians over “straight” actors in her letters; this article looks at four of them.
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