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Devised by Angela Addison and edited by Doyle Klyn

both of the North Saanich Chapter of JASNA
(North Saanich is a rural area oustide Victoria, British Columbia)

  1. Whom did Jane Austen intend Emma Watson to marry in the incomplete manuscript of The Watsons?

  2. What preparation did Sir Walter Elliot recommend to Mrs. Clay for the removal of freckles? Was the treatment a success?

3.  Who said to whom, “I am called proud, I know, and shall not wish to believe myself otherwise”?

4.  Name two characters in Emma who frequently figure in the story but never actually appear.

5.  Which is the longest of the completed novels? The shortest?

6.  Give the name of the play got up for the performance in Mansfield Park and its author.

7.  Identify these quotations, the novels in which they appear and the character who quotes them:
     a) “Heaven’s last best gift.”
     b) “Our lot is cast in a goodly heritage.”
     c) “Myself creating what I saw.”
     d) “bear the mockery of woe.”

8.  Give the ages of these characters:
     a) Mrs. Dashwood
     b) Catherine Morland
     c) Margaret Dashwood
     d) Emma Woodhouse

9.  a) “Choose your own degree of crossness.” Who said this to whom?
     b) “… If he were ever animated enough to be in love, (he) must have long outlived every sensation of the kind.  Did you not hear him complain of his rheumatism?  And is not that the commonest infirmity of declining life?  He may live twenty years longer.” Who said this of what 35-year-old man?

10.  Name the owners of the following seats, and the novels in which they appear:
     a) Maple Grove
     b) Norland Park
     c) Pemberley
     d) Randalls
     e) Sotherton Court

11.  On what occasion was a Christmas eve visit paid?  Who visited whom?

12. a) At what time of year did Elizabeth Bennet travel to Derbyshire with the Gardiners?
      b) At what time of year did she visit Hunsford?
      c) On what date did Darcy first propose to Elizabeth?

13. a) The Donwell Abbey picnic and the Box Hill expedition occur on consecutive days.  In what order?
      b) Name three specific collections provided by Mr. Knightley for the entertainment of Mr. Woodhouse at the Donwell picnic.
      c) What types of strawberries were discussed at Donwell?

14.  Fashion largely determined the dining hours.
      a) At what time did these houses dine? Hartfield; Mansfield Parsonage; Netherfield; Northanger Abbey.
      b) Was coffee or tea served after dinner?
      c) Did the ladies join the gentlemen at that time?

15.  Name the occupations of the following and also name their employers:
      a) Serle
      b) Baddeley
      c) Patty
      d) Wright
      e) Hill

16.  Which two heroines overheard uncomplimentary assessments of themselves by the men whom they will later marry? Discuss the situations in brief.

17.  Give the Christian name of the following:
      a) Miss Bates
      b) Mr. Collins
      c) Miss Steele
      d) Willoughby
      e) Mr. Woodhouse

18. a) Describe the cabinet in which Catherine Morland expected to find something sinister relating to General Tilney’s family.
      b) What did she, in fact, find?

19.  Who said, “That young man is not quite the thing”? About whom? Why?

20.  For the ball given in her honor at Mansfield Park, Fanny wore a cross with a necklace and also a separate necklace. Who gave her
      a) the cross?
      b) the necklace worn with it?
      c) the separate necklace?

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