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Officers and Directors



President:  Mary Mintz
First Vice President (Regions):  Susan Wampler
Second Vice President (Publications):  
Celia Easton
Third Vice President (Conferences): 
Debra Roush
Virginia Mellema MaGee
  Vicki Petersen
Assistant Treasurer:  Marcia Merrill
Membership Secretary:  
Carol Medine Moss

Directly Elected Board Members

Terms expiring in 2024:
Jane Boltz (Southwest Region)
Cheryl Cole (Greater Chicago Region)
Carole Thompson (Nova Scotia Region)

Terms expiring in 2025:
Carlotta Marie Boone (District of Columbia Region)
Gabriela Montero (Guanajuato, Mexico)
Paul Savidge (Eastern Pennsylvania Region)

Terms expiring in 2026:
Lidia Chang (Denver/Boulder Region)
Renata Dennis (Georgia Region)
Carla Wall (Mississippi Region)

Ex Officio Board Members

Treasurer, Canada:  Jennifer Bettiol
Membership Secretary, Canada:  Gary Diver
Editor, Persuasions:  Susan Allen Ford
Editor, JASNA News:  Susan Wampler
Website Manager:  Iris Lutz


Past President:  Liz Philosophos Cooper
AGM Coordinator 2023:  Heather McVoy (Denver/Boulder AGM)
AGM Coordinator 2024:  Jennifer Weinbrecht (Cleveland AGM)
AGM Coordinator 2025:  Jennifer Jones (Baltimore AGM)

Honorary Life Member

Freydis Welland

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JASNA Canada Officers*

President:  Anne Thompson
Vice President:  Michelle Siu
Treasurer:  Jennifer Bettiol
Membership Secretary:  Gary Diver

*Canadian tax law requires that Canadians send their dues to JASNA Canada, which has separate officers and holds an annual business meeting at JASNA's Annual General Meetings. But for all other purposes, JASNA Canada members belong to, and participate fully in, JASNA.