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Austen Chat Podcast

Welcome to Austen Chat, JASNA's new podcast dedicated to exploring the life and works of Jane Austen. Follow us here or on your favorite podcast app. New episodes are released on the first Thursday of the month.

JASNA Podcast Logo Instagram 1080pxJASNA’s mission is at the heart of Austen Chat—to further the study, appreciation, and understanding of Jane Austen’s works, life, and genius. There is always more to learn and enjoy about Jane, and we invite you to join us for the ride! Each month we talk with scholars, authors, and subject experts on a wide variety of Austen-related topics. We think you'll have fun and learn something new from every episode—whether you are a lifelong reader, an Austen newbie, a seasoned Austen scholar, or somewhere in between. Tune in each month to enjoy the company of clever, well-informed guests, who have a great deal of conversation!

Our Podcast Host

Breckyn Wood is a member JASNA's Georgia Region and an independent Jane Austen scholar. She is a freelance writer, editor, and children's book author. Her paper, “Austen Reworking Smith: Sympathy, Objectivity, and Moral Passivity in Mansfield Park,” has been published in Persuasions 44. 

Questions or suggestions for the podcast? Email podcast@jasna.org.

Where to Find Austen Chat

  • Listen to the episodes and read the transcripts and show notes here on our website. Episodes are listed below as they are released. 
  • Follow and stream the episodes on your favorite podcast app. Austen Chat is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, and other streaming platforms.

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To stream episodes from our website and access show notes and transcripts, click on the episode titles below. New episodes are listed here as they are released.

Episode 13 July 2, 2024
Jane Austen & A Reading Challenge: A Visit with the “Jane Austen July” Hosts

Episode 12 June 6, 2024
Jane Austen & Her Bookshelf: A Visit with Susan Allen Ford

Episode 11  May 2, 2024  Jane Austen & Movie Music: A Visit with Ruth Mudge

Episode 10 Apr 4, 2024    Jane Austen & the Decorative Arts: A Visit with Kristen Miller Zohn

Episode 9 Mar 7, 2024 Jane Austen & Her Genius: A Visit with Juliet McMaster

Episode 8 Feb 1, 2024 Jane Austen & Food: A Visit with Julienne Gehrer

Episode 7 Jan 4, 2024 Jane Austen & Dido Belle: A Visit with Renata Dennis

Episode 6 Dec 7, 2023 Jane Austen & Mr. Wickham: A Visit with Adrian Lukis

Episode 5 Nov 10, 2023 Jane Austen & Divorce: A Visit with James Nagle

Episode 4 Oct 5, 2023 Jane Austen & Her Endings: A Visit with Inger Brodey

Episode 3 Sep 7, 2023 Jane Austen & Her Wardrobe: A Visit with Hilary Davidson

Episode 2 Aug 3, 2023

Jane Austen & Goodness: A Visit with Brenda Cox

Episode 1 Jul 6, 2023

Jane Austen & Her House: A Visit with Lizzie Dunford


Wondering what Austen Chat is all about? Listen to our show trailer.

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