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2012 Essay Contest

Winning Entries

Topic: Sex, Money and Power in Jane Austen’s Fiction

How do sex, money, and power enable characters in Austen’s novels to manipulate each other, and what forms of resistance are there to that manipulation? Consider no more than two of Austen’s novels or other major works and analyze the modes of manipulation, whether successful or unsuccessful.

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 Eric Nye


High School Division

Rosa Beyer
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Jill Kristensen
Shoshoni High School
Shoshoni, WY

Laura Novo
Friends’ Central School
Wynnewood, PA

College/University Division

Heather Ackerman
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ

Lana Dalley
California State University
Fullerton, CA

Ellen Moody
George Mason University
Fairfax, VA

Graduate School Division

Patricia H. Michaelson
University of Texas
Dallas, TX

Sally Palmer
South Dakota School of Mines and
Technology, Rapid City, SD

Mona Scheuermann
Oakton Community College
Des Plaines, IL