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Jane Austen & Divorce:
A Visit with James Nagle

November 10, 2023

Jane Austen & Divorce: <br>A Visit with James Nagle</br>

Ending a Regency-era marriage was difficult and daunting! In this episode, attorney James Nagle helps us navigate the murky legal waters of dissolving marital ties in Austen's time. We're talking scandal. We're talking Maria Rushworth running away with Henry Crawford. We're talking wives being sold at auction to the highest bidder. What?! Yes. Crazy, but true.

James Nagle is a semi-retired lawyer, a member of  JASNA's Puget Sound Region, and a former board Secretary. A popular speaker at our Annual General Meetings and regional events, he has also served as a JASNA Traveling Lecturer. Jim has an abiding interest in all things Regency and has spoken on topics such as the laws of inheritance, elections, the British army, travel, and death rituals in Jane Austen's time. 

Many thanks to James Nagle for appearing as a guest on Austen Chat!

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