Brothers and Sisters

"But manner Fanny did not want. Would they but love her, she should be satisfied."

Mansfield Park

William was often called on by his uncle to be the talkerWilliam Price
Fanny Price
John Price*
Richard Price*
Susan Price
Mary Price (deceased)*
Sam Price*
Tom Price*
Charles Price*
Betsey Price*

Tom Bertram
Edmund Bertram
Maria Bertram (Mrs. James Rushworth)
Julia Bertram (Mrs. John Yates)

Henry Crawford
Mary Crawford
Mrs. ----- Grant (half-sister to the Crawfords)

Mrs. Norris (née Miss Ward)
Lady Bertram (née Maria Ward)
Mrs. Price (née Frances Ward)

Charles Anderson*
Miss Anderson*

Mrs. Fraser (née Janet Ross)*
Lady Stornaway (née Flora Ross)*

Lucy Gregory*
Other Miss Gregorys*

Charles Maddox*
The Miss Maddoxes*

Mr. Owen*
The Misses Owen*

Miss Sneyd*
Augusta Sneyd*
Mr. Sneyd*