"She speaks of her brother with a very pleasing affection."

Many thanks to our sponsors:

Major Grants: JASNA, Carol Medine Moss Fund, Joän Pawelski Fund, JASNA-Eastern Pennsylvania. The AGM is supported in part by a grant made in memory of Joän Pawelski, former Editor of JASNA News.

Individual Contributors: Alston Ahern, Kathleen Alderfer, Muriel Barron, Pauline Beard, Claire Quinte Bellanti, Marilyn Benson, Fran Berkwits, Blackhound Graphics, Libby Blank, Bernadette & Jeff Bohn, Sara Bowen, Bill Boyd, Kimberly Brangwin, George Brantz, Joan Brantz, Virginia Brody, Clara Browda, CRW Publishing, Carlotta Carson, Ann Cassidy, Sandra Cates, Susan Chase, Margaret Chittick, Elizabeth Philosophos Cooper, Charla Ann Costam, KC Cox, Leonard Cox, Sheryl Craig, Katie Beth Curtis, Jane Spector Davis, Beth Dean, Linda Dennery, Colleen Dougherty, Joan Dow, Joan Doyle, Patricia Dragisic, Beverly Drucker, Achla Eccles, Kelly Fineman, Marcia McClintock Folsom, Sue Forgue, Jeanette Frese, Nancy Gallagher, Julienne Gehrer, Charles Gieselman, Gene Gill, Sandra Grant, Mary Ann Gross, Jean Haas, Duwanna Hall, William Hamilton, Lorraine Hanaway, Conrad Harper, Rebbeca Hastings, Phyllis Hersh, Victoria Hinshaw, Mary Horlick, Margaret Horwitz, Jamie Hubbard, Marsha Huff, Ceil Huntington, Elizabeth Jenkins-Joffee, Eleanor Katz, Susan Keith, Cheryl Kinney, Jane Kinney, Katie Kohn, Maureen Kremers, Lincoln Ladd, Elizabeth Lane, Joanne Lannie, Maxine Lampert, Pat Latkin, Rosalind Avnet Lazarus, Meg Levin, Joyce Loney, Jean T. Long, Margaret Martinson, Corrine McArdle, Claudia Mooij, Lillian H. Mooney, Anne C. Morrissey, Eva Murphy, Robin H. Murphy, Shirley Murphy, Gwendolyn Nash, Avis Lee Neiman, Heather Nelson, Peggy Newman, Nili Olay, Mary Orlando, Wiley Owen, Ottilie Parsons, Pam Ottridge, Laura Parrish, Amy Patterson, Beth Pavelka, Maryann Pelensky, Dolores A. Phillips, Vera Quin, Jeanie Page Randall, Gisele Rankin, Joan Ray, Lali Ray, Lee Ridgeway, Susan Ridgeway, Marietta Rizzone, Judith Robb, Maryellen Roos, Debra, Roush, Jane Rubino, Vic Sanborn, Van H. Sapp, Isa Schaff, SEPTA, A. Marie Sprayberry, Kerri Spennicchia, Elizabeth Stafford, Vince Stankiewicz, Elizabeth Jane Steele, Rosalie Sternberg, Rosemary Stevens, Ann Stevick, Maureen Stiller, Carole Stokes, Melita Teichert, Rebecca Weersing, Jennifer Weinbrecht, Mary Lou White, Shira Wilson-Gross, Jennifer Winski, Pat Wright, Vasoli Electric Company, Nancy Yee, and Fay Yeomans.

We also thank A Lady, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Many thanks to our brothers & sisters:

We were moved beyond measure at the generosity of the JASNA brothers and sisters who helped us host this AGM. No AGM occurs without the aid of all within JASNA. We thank those who gave of their time, their talent, and their pewter to make this AGM a success.

The 2009 AGM Coordinator, Elizabeth Steele, wishes to thank Bernadette and Jeff Bohn, Jerri Christoph, Lorraine Hanaway, Marietta Rizzone, Janet Rosowicz, Paul Savidge, Maggie Sullivan, Diane Wilkes, and Jennifer Winski, all members of the Steering Committee, for being industrious and amiable.

The AGM is supported in part by a grant made in honor of Joän Pawelski, former Regional Coordinator of the Greater Chicago Region and former Editor of JASNA News.

Many thanks to the volunteers and members of the Eastern Pennsylvania Region for their enthusiasm and generous natures.

Thank you to Carol Moss and Maggie Sullivan for their work to make a beautiful AGM web site. Also to Lee Ridgeway for his help creating the web versions of the registration and travel forms.

Thank you, Mary Lemon and Marietta Rizzone, for creating such beautiful centerpieces.

Thank you to Ken Webb of CRW Publishing for donating books for our centerpieces and books for prizes given to the winners of the Young Writers' Workshop.

Thank you to Dan Macey of Dantastic Foods for compiling the restaurant list.

Many thanks to Kimberly Brangwin, Marsha Huff, and Iris Lutz, all of whom continued to answer their phones and respond to emails – most likely against their better judgment.

Thank you to our predecessors, the Chicago Steering Committee, who gave great advice and helped in many, many ways.

Thanks to Jan Fergus for her advice, but most of all for being Jan Fergus.

Thanks to Susan Allen Ford for putting together a collection of Persuasions articles about brothers and sisters. Well done, sister, and much appreciated.

Thank you to the Germantown Country Dancers for helping us to trip the light fantastic.

Thanks to Joanna Reiner for superlative calling artistry. Thank you to musicians Josh Burdick, John Burkhalter, and Wes Steenson.

Thank you to Laura Boyle of Austentation and Anne Leslie of The Paper Paintbrush for their skill and their patience.

Thank you to our region member Chris Broome for her hard work as a Barnes & Noble employee.

Thank you to Mim Enck of East Indies Tea Company for teaching us about the finer points of tea.

Thank you to JoAnn Motolla of Blackhound Graphics for a beautiful logo and for her advice about color choices.

Thank you to Kelly Gottshall and Lori Paravano for their advice on printing and design options.

Thanks to Laura Parrish for making the tour of Winterthur so very special.

Thank you to Kate DeLosso of Travel Counsellors for arranging such wonderful and interesting tours.

Thank you to our sister from the Wisconsin Region, Liz Cooper, for helping to supply us with tote bags and mugs.

Thank you to Rosemarie Coghlan, Joan Doyle, Julianne Dudley, Karen Bloom Gevirtz, Anne Hischar, Jennifer Nesbitt, Laurie Novo, Carolyn, Colleen Sheehan, and Carolyn and Elizabeth Sollecito for their help with the Young Writers' Workshop. You are all wonderful.

Thank you to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority for city maps.

Thank you to Lorraine and Bill Hanaway for arranging the Sunday service at Christ Church.

Thank you to Elizabeth Garvie for traveling so far to appear at our AGM. You are as lovely and gracious as we had imagined you to be.

Thank you to Elisabeth Lenckos and Louise West for their special contributions.

Thanks to Carrie Rickey for a wonderful and much appreciated article about the 2009 JASNA AGM.

Thanks, Cheryl Kinney, for contributing pretty playing cards for the whist room.

Thank you to region member Daniel Traister and his colleagues, Andrea Gottschalk and David McKnight, for creating a wonderful Austen exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania.

Thank you to Stacy Peeples for creating the Benjamin West display at Pennsylvania Hospital.

Many thanks to Robert Hurford and Linda Gray, members of IAMPETH and the Society of Scribes, for their generous natures and for demonstrating beautiful writing.

Thank you to Liz Cooper and Molly Philosophos for their clever “Aunt Philadelphia in Philadelphia” costume campaign.

Thank you to Kelly Fineman, Regional Coordinator of the Eastern Pennsylvania Region, for holding down the fort and agreeing to wear a placemat hat.

Thank you to the gracious staff of the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel who demonstrated brotherly love.

Thank you to Amtrak, American Airlines, Avis, and Lady Liberty for bringing our brothers & sisters to us at a discounted price.

Thank you to Jennifer Decker for creating her letterbox homage to Jane Austen.

Thank you to the AGM Registrar for postponing her breakdown.

And the last shall be first. We are most beholden to our speakers, the unsung heroes and heroines of each and every AGM.