". . . he was always welcome; he was like a brother."

Members of the Eastern Pennsylvania Region are pleased to invite their JASNA brothers and sisters to Philadelphia for the 2009 Annual General Meeting. We will greet old friends and make new ones when we gather together to discuss the siblings that Austen created. Such topics to discuss and questions to raise! Who is the best sister? And who the worst? Did Jane Austen have someone particular in mind when she created that best or worst sibling? Did you know that not one hero or heroine in the six novels is without a brother or a sister? Is this happenstance, a mere reflection of the time period, or a meaningful plan?

For many, a meeting of "all Jane all the time" is more than enough to do. Workshops, tours, breakout sessions, and plenary speeches will add to the pleasure of all who attend. Then there is the city itself: a "Greene Country Towne," planned by William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, that invites "very good walkers" to take in the sights. There is so very much to see near the hotel, situated in the country's most historic square mile, that even good walkers may not be able to venture far from such appealing museums, shops, and restaurants.

Please visit all the AGM pages to learn about registration, eligibility, travel, hotel availability, and more. Note that more information will be posted when it becomes available.

Elizabeth Jane Steele
Coordinator, 2009 AGM