"Her brother and sister came back delighted with their new acquaintance . . . "

What better way to spend a weekend talking about Jane Austen's fictional brother and sisters than to spend it talking with our JASNA brothers and sisters!  Over six hundred attendees, JASNA members and their companions, arrived in Philadelphia to find the best weather awaiting them.  They were occupied by illuminating, elevating, and entertaining events, as they enjoyed the best company in a beautiful city, all the while talking about Jane Austen.  While sad at parting from each other, they are sure to enjoy wonderful memories of the 2009 Philadelphia AGM – as they make plans to attend the 2010 AGM.

The winner of the 2009 AGM Quiz was Emily Murphy.  Wondering what the answers are to those "fiendishly difficult" questions?  Look no further than this page. We welcome comment but caution our brothers and sisters that we may not be in perfect accord.

Who are our favorite Austen brothers and sisters?

Participants in the 2009 J. David Grey Young Writers' Workshop were: Caroline Bank, Michele Herzog, Jennie Kuhn, Melissa Orr, Allison Redding, and Elizabeth Sollecito.  Winners of the 2009 Joan Austen-Leigh Prizes are: Caroline Bank, first place; Allison Redding, second place; and Michele Herzog, third place.  Links to the papers of all participants will be posted soon.

Many requests were made by our brothers and sisters regarding the purchase of tote bags and mugs.  Please visit the Eastern Pennsylvania Region's web site to learn when these items become available for sale.

"I will only tell you what I have found . . ." The Steering Committee has a few items, left at the AGM by JASNA members, in their possession. Please contact if you are searching for an item that you left at the 2009 AGM.

AGM " . . . images of merriment."