Brothers and Sisters

"Anne. . . envied them nothing but that seemingly perfect good understanding and agreement together, that good-humoured mutual affection, of which she had known so little herself with either of her sisters."


So you have come at last!Elizabeth Elliot
Anne Elliot
Mrs. Charles Musgrove (née Mary Elliot)

Mrs. Croft (née Sophia Wentworth)
Edward Wentworth
Captain Frederick Wentworth

Charles Musgrove
Richard Musgrove (deceased)*
Henrietta Musgrove
Louisa Musgrove
Harry Musgrove
Other children*

The Rev. Charles Hayter
The Miss Hayters*

Mrs. Musgrove
Mrs. Hayter

Captain Harville
Fanny Harville (deceased)

The (Charles) Musgrove Children

The Harville Children
Three children

The Clay Children
Two children

The two little Durands