Brothers and Sisters

"At night she opened her heart to Jane."

Pride and Prejudice

This formidable introduction took placeJane Bennet
Elizabeth Bennet
Mary Bennet
Catherine Bennet (Kitty)
Lydia Bennet

Charles Bingley
Mrs. Hurst (née Louisa Bingley)
Caroline Bingley

Fitzwilliam Darcy
Georgiana Darcy

Charlotte Lucas
Maria Lucas*
The younger Miss Lucases*
Lucas Boys*

----- Fitzwilliam (the heir)*
Colonel Fitzwilliam

Mrs. Bennet (née ----- Gardiner)
Edward Gardiner
Mrs. Phillips (née ----- Gardiner)

The Rt. Hon. Lady Catherine de Bourgh (née Lady Catherine Fitzwilliam)
The Lady Anne Darcy (née Lady Anne Fitzwilliam - deceased)

The Gardiner Children:
Two girls and two younger boys

The two Harringtons, Harriet and Pen*

The Miss Webbs*

Mrs. Long's two nieces (who may or may not be sisters)*