JASNA 2009 AGM Quiz

Part I, Name the Brother or Sister
  1. Sister of Charlotte whose husband is so droll (complete name)
  2. Half-sister of Henry and Mary
  3. Emma's brother-in-law (full name)
  4. Elinor's older brother (full name)
  5. Captain Harville's sister (maiden name)
  6. Youngest Ward sister (complete name)
  7. Eleanor's older brother (full name)
  8. Sister of Edward and Robert (complete name)
  9. Hetty's sister (complete name)
  10. Sister of Mrs. Robert Ferrars (maiden name)
  11. Catherine's brother who is fond of purple (full name)
  12. Whining sister of Anne (complete name)
  13. Brother-in-law of Eliza Williams
  14. Mrs. Croft's brother of the cloth (full name)
  15. Caroline's sister (complete name)
Part II, Quotations
  1. "I cannot suppose your brother cares so very much about me. And, you know, we shall still be sisters." "Yes, yes," (with a blush), "there are more ways than one of our being sisters."
    Who are the speakers?
  2. At this, her father "lifted up his eyes." One of her sisters "was distressed." Another sister "looked expressively" at her. But she, "who never heard nor saw any thing of which she chose to be insensible, gaily continued."
    Which sister is causing these reactions among her family?
  3. "She was concerned . . . for the mortifications which must be hanging over her father and sister, and had all the distress of foreseeing many evils, without knowing how to avert any one of them."
    Which sister is being worried about here?
  4. "I have just learnt to love a hyacinth." "And how might you learn?—By accident or argument?" "Your sister taught me."
    Who is the sister?
  5. Who "was gone, for the present, to see his brother in Shropshire"?
  6. "Whatever can give his sister any pleasure, is sure to be done in a moment. There is nothing he would not do for her."
    Who are the brother and sister spoken about?
  7. "I always buy my own cravats, and am allowed to be an excellent judge; and my sister has often trusted me in the choice of a gown."
    Who is the speaker?
  8. "Her brother and sister came back delighted with their new acquaintance, and their visit in general. There had been music, singing, talking, laughing, all that was most agreeable."
    Who are the delighted brother and sister?
  9. "He might be jealous of her brother as a rival, but if more had seemed implied, the fault must have been in her misapprehension."
    Who might be jealous?
  10. Who finds "his brother" in London and immediately persuades him to come to Gracechurch Street?
  11. "This was the first time of her brother's openly siding against her, and anxious to avoid his displeasure, she proposed a compromise."
    Who is the sister who proposes a compromise?
  12. A sibling says to a sister " . . . she is just the kind of young woman I could wish to see you attached to; she has so much good sense, and is so thoroughly unaffected and amiable . . . ."
    Name the sibling who is speaking.
  13. "She was married--married against her inclination to my brother."
    Who is the speaker and what is the girl's name who was married?
  14. "But it is proved by the smallness of the school, which I have heard you speak of, as under the patronage of your sister and Mrs. Bragge; the only school, and not more than five-and-twenty children."
    Who is the speaker?
    Who is the sister?
  15. "Maria's intelligence concluded with a tender effusion of pity for her sister Anne, whom she represented as insupportably cross, from being excluded the party."
    What is the surname of these two sisters?
  16. "Pray tell your sister that I long to see her."
    Who is speaking?
    To whom is this person speaking?
    Who is the sister that the speaker longs to see?
  17. Which sister married " . . . to disoblige her family . . . " and " . . . did it very thoroughly . . . "?
  18. During a rain shower, two sisters and their companion who are walking along Milsom-street enter a shop to escape the rain.
    What is the name of the shop?
  19. Which sister gaily announces: "And we mean to treat you all, but you must lend us the money, for we have just spent ours at the shop out there."?
  20. "And all the grandeur of the connection seemed dependent on the elder sister, who was very well married, to a gentleman in a great way, near Bristol, who kept two carriages! That was the wind-up of the history; that was the glory of Miss Hawkins."
    Supply the missing name.
  21. "He addressed her with easy civility, and twisted his head into a bow which assured her as plainly as words could have done, that he was exactly the coxcomb she had heard him described to be . . ."
    Which brother displayed easy civility?
  22. Who " . . . was a pretty, elegant little woman, of gentle, quiet manners, and a disposition remarkably amiable and affectionate; wrapped up in her family . . . "?
    Supply the sister's complete name.
  23. "Miss Darcy and her brother appeared, and this . . . . . . . introduction took place."
    Supply the missing word.
  24. "[He] knew what had passed, and from his heart lamented that his sister's feelings should be so cold towards a man whom he must consider as the first of human characters."
    Who laments his sister's feelings?
    Who is the man — himself a brother — considered "the first of human characters"?
  25. "As to the wretched party left behind, it could scarcely be said which of the three was suffering most, Captain Wentworth, Anne, or Charles, who, really a very affectionate brother, hung over Louisa with sobs of grief, and could only turn his eyes from one sister to see the other in a state just as . . . . . . . ."
    Supply the missing word.
  26. A young lady "had had enough of her own friends, enough of vanity, ambition, love, and disappointment in the course of the last half-year, to be in need of the true kindness of her sister's heart, and the rational tranquility of her ways."
    Which sister has tranquil ways?
    Which sister seeks her out?
  27. "She was short and plump, had a very pretty face, and the finest expression of good humor in it that could possibly be. Her manners were by no means so elegant as her sister's, but they were much more prepossessing."
    Which sister is short and plump?
  28. Which sister thinks " . . . there was something honorable and valuable in the strong domestic habits, the all-sufficiency of home to himself, whence resulted her brother's disposition to look down on the common rate of social intercourse, and those to whom it was important."
  29. "I look upon her intimacy with those two sisters as the greatest misfortune of her life and mine."
    Which two sisters provide misfortune upon acquaintance?
    Which sister is badly influenced and which brother looks unfavorably upon the intimacy?
  30. " . . . the charge was made over to her sister, who desired nothing better than a post of such honorable representation . . ."
    Which sister desires a post of honorable representation?
Part III, Place Names
  1. Estate of Augusta's sister.
  2. City where Fanny Price's brothers & sisters live.
  3. Robert Ferrar's brother is given the living of . . . . . . . .
  4. Estate of Lady Anne Darcy's sister.
  5. Eleanor's favorite brother lives in . . . . . . . . .
  6. County home of the Bertram brothers & sisters.
  7. James Morland's sister learns to love a hyacinth while walking on. . . . . . . . .
  8. John Knightley's brother's estate is . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  9. County of Norland Park, estate of Elinor's brother.
  10. Estate of a vain sister and her conceited father.
  11. Mrs. Bennet's brother lives on . . . . . . St. near . . . . . . . .
  12. The Musgrove and Elliot sisters visit the Harvilles in . . . . . . .
  13. Isabella Knightley's sister lives with her father at . . . . . . . . .
  14. Charles's unmarried sisters live at . . . . . . . . . .
Part IV, Potpourri
  1. Conundrum: One of my brothers married a half-sister of my husband. What was my maiden name?
  2. Elizabeth is to Jane AS Anne is to:
  3. Eleanor is to Frederick AS Julia is to:
  4. Conundrum: Though my first name is the same as hers, I am not the lady who married that scoundrel who admired Pope no more than is proper. I did marry, though, and to the disapproval of my brother, spent much time at sea. Who am I?
  5. Emma and Isabella are to Hartfield AS Henrietta and Louisa are to:
  6. Emma is to John AS Anne is to:
  7. Who am I? The blank lines in this wry comment indicate my familiar first name and then my actual first name: ". . . . ., or rather . . . . . (for what young lady of common gentility will reach the age of sixteen without altering her name as far as she can?), must from situation be at this time the intimate friend and confidante of her sister." Provide the familiar first name and the actual first name.
  8. Marianne is to Margaret AS Anne is to:
  9. Who am I? My brother has told me that with "those little attentions" I can fix for myself the gentleman who is in love with my sister.
  10. Frederick is to Henry AS Tom is to:
  11. Jane is to Henrietta AS Isabella is to:
  12. Who am I? One of my sisters wished to marry my friend. My friend married my wife's sister instead. My sister recovered and happily wed.
  13. Fitzwilliam is to Georgiana AS Frederick is to:
  14. Who am I? I share a first name with two sisters, a bookish one and a sickly one. My surname I share with the man who introduced Eleanor's brother to James's sister.

Thank you to Dwight McCawley, Magister Ludi for the Eastern Pennsylvania Region, for creating the AGM quiz.