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Recreating Jane Austen's Garden

The quaint cottage garden, the elegant villa garden, and the breathtaking grounds and gardens of the great estates all appear in Jane Austen’s novels.

How do we begin recreating them? What plants were grown by the gardeners of the day and where did they grow them? What would the flower gardens have looked like, and where exactly should one place a shrubbery? In this short video, Kim Wilson shows you how to create your very own “Jane Austen garden” on your suburban acre, in your small town garden, or even on the balcony of your city apartment. Be sure to read her blog post introducing the video. 

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Kim Wilson is a writer and speaker, a JASNA Life Member, and Regional Coordinator for JASNA-Wisconsin. She has presented at several previous AGMs. She is the author of At Home with Jane Austen, Tea with Jane Austen, and In the Garden with Jane Austen.


“How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!”