Livestream/Virtual Option

There’s nothing like the full, in-person JASNA AGM experience and “the company of clever, well-informed people, who have a great deal of conversation." But for those who can’t travel to Denver this year, we are also offering a livestream/virtual AGM option. You can participate in the core conference online in real time, wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a high-speed internet connection. All livestreamed presentations will also be recorded and available to virtual attendees to watch for a month following the AGM.

(Also, don’t forget that you can switch your registration from livestream/virtual to in-person participation at the AGM, at no penalty. See the details in the policy section below if you decide to join the company in Denver.)

livestream and Recorded Content

Beginning with the official Opening of the AGM, we will stream all three Plenary Lectures, five breakout talks, three special sessions, and selected other conference elements. You can share in the energy of the conference as it happens and participate by submitting questions for the speakers during Q&A sessions.

The following sessions will be streamed live, as well as recorded for later access*:

In addition, you can watch recordings of the following special features, although they will not be streamed live*:

* Inclusions are subject to change based on availability or technical considerations.

All of these sessions are described on the 2023 AGM Plenary Speakers, Breakout Speakers, and Special Sessions webpages.

Interactive Elements

Thanks to technology, you will also be able to connect and socialize with other JASNA members during the conference. With the livestream/virtual Option, you may:

During breaks, you can use the chatbox to converse with other livestreamers and the livestream host, and during the Zoom Social Hour, participate in face-to-face conversation in our virtual “assembly room.” Joining in on the AGM livestream experience is the next best thing to being there!

How to Register for the livestream/virtual AGM

On or after June 28 at 12 noon Eastern Time,


On the next screen, scroll down to the registration type options and choose “livestream/virtual,” which will only be visible after opening time on June 28. Clicking the link before opening time may cause you to see a “registration full” message, even after registration opens. Please do not click the link ahead of time. Please register, if possible, by July 31, as we must meet a threshold number of subscribers by that date in order to go ahead with the livestream.

Eligibility and Fees

Just like the in-person AGM, the livestream/virtual option is open to JASNA members only. Connections are not shareable, but you may have family members or others physically present watch the AGM on your screen with you.

JASNA Member Fee: $175
JASNA Student Member Fee: $125

You may pay by credit card or U.S. check.

virtual Add-On for In-Person AGM Attendees

If the threshold of full livestream/virtual subscriptions is reached, in-person AGM attendees will be offered the option later to add access to the recordings to their in-person registration. Please do not register now for both the in-person and livestream options; information about the add-on will be sent to all in-person registrants in the Attendee category later this summer.

Important Dates

Because the technology and professional services required to produce a high-quality livestream event are expensive, JASNA must guarantee a minimum number of participants by July 31 to go ahead with the livestream/virtual option. This and other important dates are shown below.

Registration and Refund Policies

Registration for the livestream/virtual AGM option will open on June 28, 2023, at 12 noon EDT.

If your availability on AGM weekend changes, you may:

  1. Retain your registration and watch the recordings at your convenience until December 6, 2023.
  2. Cancel by July 31 and receive a refund of your registration minus a $25 cancellation fee.
  3. Cancel after August 1, with no refund.

If you decide to travel to Denver, you may convert your livestream/virtual registration to an in-person registration at any time, as long as space is available. Your livestream/virtual payment will be applied toward the in-person fee, with you paying the difference. Upon conversion, cancellation and refund policies for the in-person AGM will apply.

Registrants for the in-person AGM may switch to the livestream/virtual option. See the Refund Policy on the Registration webpage for details.

Technical Details

Instructions for connecting to the livestream platform will be sent to you before the start of the AGM. Some technical requirements include: