Call for Papers

The Greater Chicago Region of the Jane Austen Society of North America cordially invites the submission of proposals for breakout sessions that will celebrate Jane Austen’s influence and legacy in the visual arts (whether “fine” or “decorative”), performing arts (music, theater, dance), and Austen adaptations on stage, screen, or other electronic/broadcast media. After having celebrated the social and cultural facets of Austen’s novels during their bicentenaries in the past decade, the JASNA AGM returns to Chicago to examine the strong artistic connections between Austen’s life, work, and heritage and the various branches of the visual and performing arts. These art forms would include creative work, by either amateurs or professionals, from Austen’s own time or works subsequently inspired or influenced by her work.

The committee welcomes proposals for presentations on a wide range of topics that explore the relationship between Jane Austen and the arts, through works of visual art and performances mentioned by Austen, of Austen’s time, or inspired by Austen. Ideas for development may include, but are by no means limited to, the following:


We encourage lively breakout presentations that reflect the richness of the conference theme. We are happy to accept presentations in a traditional lecture format, but please feel free to think creatively by engaging in participatory styles, presenting debates, or using multi-media. A presentation could incorporate one or more speakers. Compelling content and a dynamic and engaging presentation style are both important.

Breakout presentations should be 50 minutes in length, including time for a question and answer period.

Submission Materials

We select intriguing speakers from academia and a wide variety of other backgrounds. As the AGM is JASNA’s premier event, we seek speakers who not only have demonstrated expertise in their subject areas, but have experience presenting their findings in a lively and engaging manner. AV equipment will be available, and the use of visuals is encouraged. The following submission materials are required:

The submission deadline is November 21, 2020.

Please send proposals to: Jeff Nigro and William Phillips at