As we did last year, for the convenience of individuals in various time zones or with daytime commitments, we will have two registration opening times on the first day, with the available AGM and optional activity spaces split between them, for in-person Attendee and Companion registration.

Registration for in-person Attendees and Companions will open on
Wednesday, June 15, at 12:00 noon EDT/9:00 am PDT, and a
second registration period will open at 9:00 pm EDT/6:00 pm PDT.

For the first time, we plan to livestream the core conference and will offer a separate registration for livestream/virtual participants.*

Registration for the Livestream/Virtual option will open on
Wednesday, June 29, at 12:00 noon EDT/9:00 am PDT.

On or after June 15 at 12:00 noon EDT, clicking the button below will take you to the registration system.

If clicking the button after 12:00 noon EDT on June 15 doesn’t take you to the registration system, you may need to clear your browser cache. Here’s an article on how to do that: How to Clear Internet Cache in Every Major Browser ( Alternatively, try opening a Private window in your browser and using it to go to the registration page.

Each registrant must use a unique email address (see "Registering More than One Person," below).

Choose Your AGM Experience

*Availability of the Livestream/Virtual option is contingent on reaching the minimum number of registrants by July 31.
Details about the Livestream/Virtual option will be available in mid-June.

Preparing to Register for the In-Person AGM

During registration, Attendees will customize their conference experience by choosing:

Other conference elements, including Plenary lectures, the Sunday brunch, and ten special-interest sessions and activities, are included in the Attendee fee and do not need to be selected during the registration process. A Registration Guide will be posted prior to registration, which you can download to plan your breakout session and optional activity selections before registering. Please note that there are new Terms and Conditions this year; the Registration Guide will help you familiarize yourself with them.

Prior to registration, please choose someone to be your emergency contact. You will also want to review the policies that will be in effect during the AGM, including JASNA’s Community Guidelines. The latest information on Health and Safety protocols is posted in the AGM Update Center. For information on AGM eligibility and attendance policies, please see the AGM FAQ.

AGM Registration: How It Will Work

TWO-STAGE REGISTRATION OPENING: The registration system will open at 12 noon EDT/9:00 am PDT, making available half of the total registration slots and half of the workshop, tour, and special event spaces. The system will remain open until those slots are filled. At 9:00 pm EDT/6:00 pm PDT, the other half of the total registration slots and activity spaces will be made available. If you are waitlisted for the AGM at noon, do try again to register at 9:00 pm.

STATUS UPDATES AND TECHNICAL TROUBLE REPORTS: These will be posted in the AGM Update Center at If you have difficulties while registering, please email or We will assist you as quickly as possible. Unless you’re unable to proceed, do not stop registering, as you will risk places becoming sold out. We can help you make adjustments later.

JASNA MEMBER PORTAL: The registration system is not connected to the JASNA Member Portal. You must use the button above to register; do not log into the Member Portal. You do not need your JASNA membership logon or member number to register for the AGM, but you must be a JASNA member in good standing to be eligible to register.

REGISTRATION WAITLISTS: Again, if you are waitlisted for the AGM at noon, do try again to register at 9:00 pm. The two-stage opening will result in two separate registration waitlists; we will alternate between the two lists when admitting new registrants as space becomes available. When a registration space becomes available, you will have 48 hours in which to register, then the opportunity will pass to the next person on the list.

ACTIVITY-SPECIFIC WAITLISTS: The online system also keeps waitlists for optional tours, workshops, and special events that sell out. If you’re on an activity-specific waitlist, you will be notified if space becomes available. For some activities, an additional bus or guide can be added once the waitlist reaches a minimum number, so please do put yourself on the waitlist for activities you are interested in attending.

REGISTERING MORE THAN ONE PERSON: Each person, whether Attendee or Companion, must register with a unique email address. If you don't have and can't get a second email account, you can use a work email, an old email, anything that is not being used by another AGM registrant -- just let us know after registration if you used an address at which you cannot receive email. If two registrants share an email address and don't have other options, you can try inserting a plus sign and the number 1 (+1) before the @ in the email address (e.g., This works for Gmail and Outlook, but may not work for all email systems. To start the second registration, after you complete your first registration and payment, scroll to the top of the page and click the “Log Out” link in the blue bar at top, then click "Register" to start the second registration.

REGISTERING FOR SOMEONE ELSE: The online system does not verify the identity of the person registering, and you may defer payment by selecting “personal check” as your payment option. The registrant can send a check or log in to the system later and complete a credit card payment. All balances must be closed within 14 days to avoid cancellation.

COMPLETING THE PROCESS: When you have successfully submitted your registration, you will receive an email with a record of your selections and payment. Check your spam and junk folders and trash if you don’t see the email, and consider temporarily making your spam filter less restrictive. Please make a note of the email address you used to register; all registration updates will go to that address.

CONFIRMATION: Your registration will be PENDING until your payment is received and your JASNA membership verified. At that point your status will be changed to CONFIRMED. If you have not received a confirmation email within 21 days, please contact us at

CHANGING YOUR REGISTRATION: You can return to the system, change your selections, and initiate a supplemental payment or refund. If you need assistance, email (Change requests will be handled after the rush of initial registration opening.) Please be aware that JASNA incurs transaction fees for each change you make.

CANCELING YOUR REGISTRATION: See the refund policy below. Please be aware that tours are provided by independent companies and may have their own refund policies.

Payment Policy

All balances must be closed within 14 days to avoid cancellation.

U.S./CANADIAN PRICING: Hotel room prices on the Hotels page are expressed in Canadian dollars. Registration, tour, workshop, and activity pages are expressed in U.S. dollars.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: Credit card payments made through the online registration system will be processed in U.S. dollars only. Any conversion fees charged by a credit card company are the responsibility of the registrant.

TO PAY BY U.S. CHECK: Checks in U.S. funds and drawn on a U.S. bank should be mailed to Janet Johnson at 426 Glenway St., Madison, WI, 53711.

TO PAY BY CANADIAN CHECK: On June 10, price conversions will be calculated and Canadian prices for registration and optional activity pages will be posted on this Registration page. Checks in Canadian funds and drawn on a Canadian bank should be mailed to Marian Postnikoff, 44-1287 Verdier Ave., Brentwood Bay, V8M 1H2.

Refund Policy

(a) If JASNA is forced to cancel the AGM completely or reduce capacity due to government regulations, registrants will receive full refunds of registration and optional activities fees only, regardless of when the cancellation takes place. JASNA is not liable for any travel-related expenses registrants may incur.

(b) With regard to individual cancellations, the tables below summarize the refund policies:

If full in-person Attendee or Companion Registration is canceled . . .

June 15 through July 6Full refund
July 7 through August 20The Refund of registration and activity fees minus $50
August 21 through September 18No refund, but conversion to Livestream/Virtual registration if available
After September 18No refund, but delayed access to recordings of livestreamed presentations will be provided.

If registration for a Workshop or ticketed Special Event is canceled . . .

June 15 through August 20Full refund. Please bear in mind that JASNA is charged transaction fees for cancellations and changes, and plan your activities carefully
August 21 through September 7No refund, but may change from one session to another if space is available
After September 7No refund

If registration for a Tour is canceled . . .

June 15 through August 20Full refund. Please bear in mind that JASNA is charged transaction fees for cancellations and changes, and plan your activities carefully.
After August 20No refund

(c) For the Livestream/Virtual option, separate cancellation deadlines apply.

PROGRAM CHANGES: The planned AGM program and the scheduling of specific presentations and activities are as described on the AGM website. Adjustments may be necessitated by changes in speaker or facility availability beyond JASNA’s control. Where possible, JASNA will arrange for replacement speakers/activities if needed, to provide a rewarding and enriching AGM experience. Ticketed activities have headcount thresholds that must be met in order for the activity to take place. If a ticketed activity is canceled by JASNA or the provider, a full refund only for that activity will be given. No refunds of registration fees will be made solely on the basis of an individual’s decision not to participate due to changes in program or schedule, except as covered by the Refund Policy above.