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And More

An American in Austen

American in AustenStudio/Network:  Hallmark Channel
Director:  Clare Niederpruem
Screenplay:  Cameron Johann

Harriet:  Eliza Bennett
Elizabeth Bennet:  Nell Barlow
Fitzwilliam Darcy:  Nicholas Bishop
Jane Bennet:  Catherine Hannay
Charles Bingley:  Toby-Alexander Smith
George Wickham:  Dominic Andersen
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Harriet, who thinks that no real man compares to Mr. Darcy, is
transported into Pride & Prejudice and gets an unexpected chance to find out.

Love & Jane (2024)

Love and JaneStudio/Network:  Hallmark Channel
Director:  David Weaver
Screenplay:  David Weaver

Lilly:  Alison Sweeney
Trevor:  Benjamin Ayres
Jane Austen:  Kendra Anderson
Alisha:  Aadila Dosani
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A hopeless romantic having trouble finding love in the tech era is surprised when her wish to get dating advice from her favorite author, Jane Austen, comes true.

Paging Mr. Darcy (2024)

Paging Mr Darcy PosterStudio/Network:  Hallmark Channel
Director:  Peter Wellington
Screenplay:  Reina Hardy

Eloise Cavendish:  Mallory Jansen
Sam Lee:  Will Kemp
Mia Cavendish:  Lillian Doucet-Roche
Dr. Victoria Jennings:  Carolyn Scott
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When a serious scholar attends a Jane Austen annual conference, she strikes a deal with the man playing Mr. Darcy and finds her perspective, and her heart, changed.

Sanditon (2019-2023)

Sanditon 2019Studio/Network:  Red Planet Pictures, ITV Studios, PBS (USA)
Director:  Olly Blackburn, Lisa Clarke, Charles Sturridge
Screenplay:  Andrew Davies

Charlotte Heywood:  Rose Williams
Miss Lambe:  Crystal Clarke
Sidney Parker:  Theo James
Tom Parker:  Kris Marshall
Arthur Parker:  Turlough Convery
Lady Denham:  Anne Reid
Sir Edward Denham:  Jack Fox
Alexander Colbourne:  Ben Lloyd-Hughes
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Love & Friendship (2016)

AM LFStudio/Network:  Westerly Films
Director:  Whit Stillman
Screenplay:  Whit Stillman
Soundtrack:  Available

Lady Susan Vernon:  Kate Beckinsale
Frederica Vernon:  Morfydd Clark
Alicia Johnson:  Chloë Sevigny
Reginald DeCourcy:  Xavier Samuel
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Death Comes to Pemberley (2013)

AM DeathpostStudio/Network:  BBC Drama Productions
Director:  Daniel Percival
Screenplay:  P.D. James, Juliette Towhidi

Fitzwilliam Darcy:  Matthew Rhys
Elizabeth Darcy:  Anna Maxwell Martin
George Wickham:  Matthew Goode
Lydia Wickham:  Jenna Coleman
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Welcome to Sanditon (2013)

AM SanditonFind it on YouTube 
Director:  Joshua Caldwell
Writers:  Tracy Bitterolf, Tamara Krinsky,
Kate Rorick, Bernie Su, et al.

Georgiana “Gigi” Darcy:  Allison Paige
Clara Breton:  Lenne Klingaman
Edward Denham:  Kyle Walters
Tom Parker:  Joel Bryant
Letitia “Griff” Griffiths:  Vanessa Chester
Beau Griffiths:  Vaughn Wilkinson
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Austenland (2013)

AM AustenlandStudio/Network:  Sony Pictures Classics
Director:  Jerusha Hess
Screenplay:  Shannon Hale, Jerusha Hess
Soundtrack:  Available

Jane Hayes:  Keri Russell
Henry Nobley:  JJ Feild
Elizabeth Charming:  Jennifer Coolidge
Martin:  Bret McKenzie
Mrs. Wattlesbrook:  Jane Seymour
Captain George East:  Ricky Whittle
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Lost in Austen (2008)

AM lost in austenStudio/Network:  ITV/Grenada Television Ltd.
Director:  Dan Zeff
Screenplay:  Guy Andrews

Amanda Price:  Jemima Rooper
Fitzwilliam Darcy:  Elliot Cowan
Mr. Bennet:  Hugh Bonneville
Jane Bennet:  Morven Christie
Charles Bingley:  Tom Mison
Mr. Wickham:  Tom Riley
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Miss Austen Regrets (2008)

AM RegretsStudio/Network:  BBC Drama co-production with WGBH Boston
Director:  Jeremy Lovering
Screenplay:  Gwyneth Hughes

Harris Bigg:  Samuel Roukin
Jane Austen:  Olivia Williams
Cassandra Austen:  Greta Scacchi
Fanny Knight:  Imogen Poots
Edward Austen Knight:  Pip Torrens
Mr. John Plumptre:  Tom Hiddlestone
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The Jane Austen Book Club (2007)

AM book clubStudio/Network:  Mockingbird Pictures in association with John Calley Productions; Distributed by Sony Pictures Classics
Director:  Robin Swicord
Screenplay:  Robin Swicord
Soundtrack:  Available

Jocelyn:  Maria Bello
Prudie:  Emily Blunt
Bernadette:  Kathy Baker
Sylvia:  Amy Brenneman
Allegra:  Maggie Grace
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Becoming Jane (2007)

AM becomingStudio/Network:  Blueprint Pictures, Ecosse Films, Octagon Films, Scion Films Limited; Distributed by Miramax Films
Director:  Julian Jarrold
Screenplay:  Kevin Hood, Sarah Williams
Soundtrack:  Available

Jane Austen:  Anne Hathaway
Tom Lefroy:  James McAvoy
Mrs. Austen:  Julie Walters
Reverend Austen:  James Cromwell
Cassandra Austen:  Anna Maxwell Martin
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Jane Austen in Manhattan (1980)

AM manhattanStudio/Network:  Merchant Ivory Productions
Director:  James Ivory
Screenplay:  Ruth Prawer Jhabvala; Libretto of Sir Charles Grandison by Jane Austen, Samuel Richardson

Lilianna Zorska:  Anne Baxter
Pierre:  Robert Powell
George Midash:  Michael Wager
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Pride and Prejudice: Having a Ball (2013)

PP Having a BallStudio/Network:  British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Narration:  Alastair Sooke, Amanda Vickery
Writers:  Alastair Sooke, Amanda Vickery, et. al.
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This program re-creates the Netherfield ball in Pride and Prejudice, in the beautiful setting of Chawton House Library, Chawton, Hampshire. Experts and professionals guided the dancing, music, food, and fashion to assure authenticity. Professor John Mullan provides literary commentary.

A&E Biography: Jane Austen (2004)

jabiographycoverStudio/Network:  Working Dog Productions
Director:  Jennifer Stromberg
Narration:  Ric Spiegel

Authors and scholars, some of whom are JASNA members, explain Jane Austen’s genius and significance in this documentary. Unlike other films about the author’s life, this one attempts to explain and interpret the significance of her work and the reasons for her continued popularity.

Austen Country (2002)

austencountrycoverStudio/Network:  Delta Entertainment Corporation
Director:  Liam Dale
Narration:  Liam Dale
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Austen Country uses some of Jane Austen’s favorite songs as background music. Scenic panoramas, historic still shots, sketches—some drawn by Austen family members—introduce Jane Austen, her family, and her novels to those unfamiliar with her.

Jane Austen: Life, Society & Works (1997)

lifesocietyworkscoverStudio/Network:  BFS Entertainment & Multimedia Ltd.
Director:  Liam Dale
Narration:  Liam Dale

Gillray’s political cartoons, excerpts from Austen’s own letters, and family anecdotes help to paint a more detailed picture of the author, her world, and her work than other documentaries have been able to accomplish. Like several of Jane Austen’s novels, this film is a three volume set.

The Famous Authors Series: Jane Austen (1996)

famousauthorscoverStudio/Network:  KULTUR
Director:  Malcolm Hossick
Narration:  Malcolm Hossick
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Using period prints, family portraits, and still shots of the towns and cities where the Austens lived and visited, this film paints a picture of the family and its influence on Jane Austen. The film concentrates on how and where the author lived.

Jane on YouTube

The creativity of Janeites has extended to YouTube, where clever homages to Jane Austen can be found. Links to some of those short videos are listed here. For information on YouTube-based adaptations of Austen's works, refer to the film lists compiled for each novel.

*Language included in this video may be considered offensive by some viewers.


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